Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Ostara!

What a wondrous First Day Of Spring!
I almost completely forgot what day it was!
Good thing the birds and the sky told me in a language I could understand.

The babes and I headed out for a bit of spring adventuring late this morning.
First to the playgroundthen stopping along the way to step into stores to see if there were any toys that we needed for their baskets,
to our neighborhood bagel shop for lunch then to the grocery store to get white eggs and few other last-minute goodies with which to fill their baskets.
Though the weather people said rain and snow on and off today, and a cold front moving in, we've not seen a bit of it, and had a really lovely day.
One more day of open doors and windows (even though the high is only low fifties). Beautiful, still!

and waiting
and waiting
for Daddy to get home from skiing so that we can continue the rest of our celebration with him.
(Probably should have given him a Head's Up this morning. Totally slipped Mama's mind, however.)

Finally! He came home and the children got to explore their baskets.
We played
ordered a pizza
headed to Hollywood Video for
The Bee Movie.
Fell asleep by 10pm from exhaustion.
All of us.
Happy Spring!


  1. White eggs! You just reminded me that I have two cartons of brown ones in the fridge!

    It looks like such a fun day! It's inspiring me to spend a day like that with my kids, too.

    Happy Spring, friend!

  2. Happy Spring! Yay! We made it!

  3. Your dog has such a sweet face!!

    Happy Ostara.



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