Monday, March 31, 2008

The Great Defender

Yesterday when we were at the market I noticed a man walking with his cart, pushing it between the the rows of aisles, sweeping his head back and forth, obviously looking for someone. He was calling softly to someone. (Unlike myself [chagrin] who will call "Trev!?")
A few minutes later we saw him again, with a little boy in tow.
Quite literally.
He had his hand in/around the neck of the boy's t-shirt, a placid smile on his face, and then there was the little boy, who was most irritated... "Let go of me!" and then "You're choking me!"
Which didn't look to be true, but obviously the boy was feeling most vexed.
"Hey!! Let go of him!!!" Shouted Little Son.
"Uh... Trev?..." said his Mama. I think I said something like "it's their business..." or something.


I can't believe I said that!
I've since had a talk with him this morning, and made it clear that I take back what I said.
"I'm so sorry I said that, Bud. If you feel the need to stick up for someone, it is absolutely wrong of me to tell you not to. You should do that whenever you feel the need to do so."

It's not the first time he has done this.
He actually does it whenever he sees a kid being bossed around or manhandled.
I truly hope that he shall always go against the odds and stand up for whomever he feels is in need of defense of sovereignty of themselves.
Not many people will.

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