Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a perfect day

Absolutely Perfect.

We started off with skeletal assembly.And crayon rubbings.And pencils.And paints.
And more paints.Then our film on Volcanoes from the library.

Then a Grand Adventure.
"To the park! To the park!"
Whilst (walking sometimes most comedically) on the way....we had conversation and inquiries such as, "Is a muskrat cousin to a rat? Because they both have a pink striped tail."
"Uh. We'll have to check in to that." (Dear Reader - 'tis questions like this t'which are the reason I tote my relatively heavy -after several blocks- laptop around with us. Well, that, and 'tis nice to have a place to record the funny Goings On.)

While on our Grand Adventure today - we were In Search Of (Evidence Of) Spring. (see related post!)
"Mom, see that cloud over there?"
"Yes! It looks like bones, to me.""It reminds me of a legendary castle!"

"Mom. Do I look like a sloth?"
What on earth possessed me to say "You're not quite upside down enough."?
"Is this better?'
Coming to her senses, she says adamantly, "Yes!"

We were in our neighborhood library, and Trev mentioned a certain dinosaur - I forget which one.
"What?" Pipes in Lady Library. "I've never heard of that dinosaur! I thought I knew them all! Will you show me?"
Of course he will.
It appears that Library Lady just might be a Friend of the Heart.One last stop on the way home....
to 7-11 for a little rejuvenating suh-um/suh-um.
Turns out, the suh-um today was a slurpee. Pina colada, thank you very much.

"Mom! Taste this. It tastes like The Himalaya's!"

To home we go.
With slurpees, a backpack, stacks and stacks of books and videoes and dvd's.
Books on physics. Prehistoric sharks. Tellie Tubbies. Fossils. Godzilla.

Life is so, so good.


  1. I am a little envious...we still have so, so, so much snow!!! And we're getting another 17 inches tonight.
    I think I'm coming there for a visit.
    Great pic's, btw and I love your babes!!! xoxoxox!

  2. Mmm. There's still bits of snow everywhere.
    There would be a lot more, except that it's rained for the last three days and melted much of it.
    I still have tons in the backyard.

    But yesterday was so warm and beautiful. I'll bet it was near fifty degrees!

  3. Sounds like you had a very fun, full day! Spring is definitely in the air. Thanks for posting the link to the prehistoric site, I think Damek would enjoy that.

  4. What a beautiful sounding day.


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