Monday, February 04, 2008

Love is Abundant

An' here's the proof.
Tara (formerly known as Organic Sister) has so kindly given me this sparkly Valentiney sort of lovey award.
While I suspect that she may have simply run out of people to give it to :) (I went and peaked at where she got hers, and some of my favorites were on that list) I none-the-less will accept her lovey award with much appreciation!

I get to pass it on to ten people - and I am choosing folks that I think are really really great (and important!) at sharing love - and in my opinion making the world a better place.
So there.

I choose:
Sheri at My So-Called Homeschool. Because she is gentle and inspires others to look for it within themselves.
M (oops, I almost typed her name!) at Stuff About the Duffs. Because she is spreading thickly love and gentleness in her new (again) home state - and I think she'll be winning over the entire state of Texas in no time.
Aub. Because she's filled to the top with love and orange jelly candies. Maybe since it's February she's switched to pink hearts...
Dharmamama... because she is a lot like me - a lot, I think - and she is full of love and I think she loves love and I'd like to add more love and abundance into her life because I think she'd love that, and I think she'd pass that love on in lovely ways....
Carla at ZenaMusings - not because I am stalking her but because I've only known of her and her blog for a few short weeks, but I love the work that she does - I think she is filled up with being Love and Truth and all of the things that her spirit demands, and those are Very Important Things to me....
MamaP - because she bothers to engage with me sometimes, and she has found her way toward live a life filled with love, and I'd like to pass on to her lots and lots more of it...
LadybugZen - 'cause she's filled with goodness and gentleness and loveliness...
SA at Child'sPlay because I'd like to pass on some lovey-love to her....
Sarah. Because I'd like to pass on some loves to her, too.
My sister KimK. Because I love her.


  1. thanks friend. i'm honored.

  2. Thank you! :) What a lovely gift to get! :) We had some life magic today in our home...I'll be blogging about it soon. I thought of you as it happened today - it was magical. Thanks for sharing the love! :)

  3. LOL I swear that's not why I picked you. I actually read your blog faithfully in my reader and always enjoy seeing your great relationship with your kids. You truly got the award cuz you truly deserve it!

  4. LZ- You are certainly welcome.

    M - You're welcome also. And I look forward to it!

    Tara - :), aw, thanks so much. I was going to take it anyway, mind you... but I'm glad you you didn't pull my name out of a hat!

  5. Great to see my love award is spreading. I never thought it would catch on so greatly when I created it to Spread the Love.

    B @ The Love Blog

  6. This really did make my week! Thanks for the lovey-love, and right back at you! :)

  7. thanks for the love!
    i just love all this love being spread all over.......

  8. You are so sweet! Thank you so much!!! I can feel the love all around. :)


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