Monday, February 11, 2008

January 11

Today I wanted to try a few other experiments - things I thought The Babes would totally go for.One was a concoction of alcohol (I said cetyl before, but I meant Isopropyl, rubbing alcohol) and oil, decorated with tiny toys - glitter, stars, wooden toys, stretched penny treasures from the planetarium yesterday, buttons, letters, etc.
The plan was to make some sort of swirly toy concoction - but we don't know for sure what was supposed to happen. Whatever it was... didn't.

Next we went for round two on the super-duper bouncy balls.I figured maybe we messed it up the first time we tried.A dud. Again. Madd didn't really mind that her Super Duper Bouncy Ball didn't bounce.

One last thing - a bowl full of slime - glue, borax, water.... nope. Turned out just as it did the last time we tried - I must have written down the recipe wrong - the first time we did it a couple of years ago it was super cool!
Ah well.

After that - well, we went to console ourselves separately as best we could.
Reading, writing, cartoons, pretending, helping Daddy to clean out the truck when he got back from skiing, covering our ears while singing Jingle Bells loudly...
Tomorrow is Family Day - hopefully we'll find some cool way to enjoy eachother.

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