Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28 (or) Spring At Home

Or, at least pretended Spring At Home!

Around these parts, when you have a high near fifty degrees, you call it good, and even springlike, as you know that all of March and April (and even half of May) will most likely bring you very cold temps and even lots of snow. Very cold, being, of course, well below 32 degrees.

So! We are basking in Pretended Spring.What that means:
Trampoline assembly. Woohoo!
A clean patio for Mama. "Woooohoo again!"
Working outside follows. (Can only work on a clean patio, don't you know.)Swinging in our own backyard.
(Never mind the snow and muddymudmud.)A little baseball for Herself when she awoke from her nap.We're tacky, we're dirty, we're muddy (and now, finally at 6pm) we're cold and ready to come inside.
Life is good, when you're Pretending Spring.


  1. Boy I can't wait. I am so anxious for spring. We had a high of 42 today and I actually opened the window for some fresh air (even though it was for only five minutes).
    Today Harrison asked me "Mommy. isn't my birthday in spring?" "Yes, do you remember what day?" He said "May 9th"
    I said, "That's right, son." He then said "Well, it seems like it will still be winter on the spring time, Mommy. The snow is still so high."
    He is trying to make sense of it all. He wonders if his birthday will still come, even if spring is late.
    I'm hoping for some major meltage in the next couple of months (without the flooding, ofcourse).
    Enjoy that sunshine while you can.
    Once again, I love the pics.

  2. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed your trampoline pictures! How fun, if only for a day.


  3. What a fun looking day! I hope you have more fun weather soon! It's been a long snowy winter there from what I hear.


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