Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27

Today we had our weekly meet (to be called coop, except that we're all ruers)- at our friends Julie, Damek, and Kyan's house.(There really is no reason for this pic, other than I love the Creature From The Black Lagoon photos. They make me smile.)

Since we had such a wonderful time yesterday out in the sunshine, and since today was looking similarly friendly, we thought that we would go to the park after all the fun had been had at our friends' home.
I remembered bark boats (thanks, Julie!), and how I've been wanting to sail them down the stream, so I got on it.
After finding some promising bark and twigs, I looked around for some leaves for sails.... hmmm. Not looking very likely. How 'bout an old cotton rag for a sail? Cotton decomposes quickly....
Hey! A cloth diaper! We won't be needing those anymore....
Painted, marked, christened, and voila! We have boats.

Off to play, then!After a good three hours of play, we left to go to the park.
(We got there, and Mama then discovered that she and the babes were tired. Didn't really expect that.)
To the playground first, then off for some hill rolling, then it was time to sail the seas.
This beauty was Mama's - it didn't get very far, really.But at least it didn't capsize....Turns out the children's sails were on the wrong side (upside down) so they quickly turned over. My apologies, I really didn't know.

But after reeling them in (with long branches that had fallen from trees) we righted them, and set them to sail again.
Except that then the sails were drowned, and drug down the boats. Oh - let's take them off, then.
Lots of getting stuck.
Well - next time we'll take Julie's advice and stick to the gentle trickle at Fairmont Park!

But - there were hills aplenty for climbing, running, and rolling upon.
We soon forgot our failures.Then back to the playground....And then, finally, toward home.
To Telly Tubby and Godzilla videos.
We're tired, and satisfied.

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  1. Oh, what FUN! I am dyyyyinng to get outside with the kids. Glad it's warm enough where you are.


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