Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25

Maddie and I made muffins for breakfast today.
Uh - from a box.
And more pretzels. (Which were not from a box.)
And cinnamon rolls (those either.)
And when Daddy came home from skiing we played Cootie.
Mama won!It was a somewhat long and interrupted game.
Then we worked on those cinnamon rolls some more (the dough had to rise)
And some more Cootie business - this time with a lot more rambunctiousness - falling and slamming and general chaos.
Now Daddy's (unbelievably) having a nap, and Mama is making tentative plans to go have coffee with whichever of The Mama's can make it.
How divine.


  1. That is a *lot* of brown sugar. Looks yummy!

  2. Looks like your kids are big helpers in the kitchen. I need to be more willing to let mine help lately. I used to be much better at it.

  3. You mean that muffins can be made withOUT a box? Hmmm, who knew? Looks like lots of fun! =-)


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