Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 24

This morning was really windy and promising to storm (with a balmy high of 45 degrees), but we were very brave, and headed out of the house anyway.
Off to the aviary!Where we fed ducks (the machine food, not bread, which hurts them), geese, and of course pelicans (a favorite pastime these days), and the turkey vultures tried to take us up on offered little fingers, but each time Daddy whisked those fingers away.
Right after we fed the pelicans it really started raining, so we dayt-dayed to the truck. We had plans to play at the playground until we got rained out (it's cold out there!) so we went to one of the greatest places in the world - if you're two or six. (which doesn't have wifi - huh?)
But it was fun on a rainy, cold afternoon.

It's raining again!
Who can be sad about that?!?


  1. Bread hurts ducks? Oh geeeez, I've done some damage in my day. I had no idea! Thanks for the tip. Guess what I *won't* be doing anymore at the lagoons this summer?

  2. Urban Mom -
    Yeah. I found about it last year sometime. I wrote about it and linked to it, let me see if I can fine the post....

  3. Urban Mom -
    I found it.
    The info is in the "Friend to Ducks" post.


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