Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10

Today we had plans - plans to get out in the sunshine. (can you hear that chorus of angels?)
Trevelyn and Maddie (aaaand me!) wanted to go to the Aviary. We've been planning to get a membership for probably around a year - today we finally did it!We had to make certain that we were there at 1:00 sharp - so that we could help feed the pelicans...
We made sure we had a couple of dollars worth of quarters so that we could pack our pockets full of duckfood - we like to make friends, don't you know....

After a while we were off to shamelessly take advantage of Daddy being chef of one always-friendly-to-us restaurant...
then we were off to the Planetarium to take in a repeat performance of Sea Monsters 3D, but alas! we were too late and decided to piddle and exploreand pass the timewhile we waited for a showing of The Human Body instead - which Trev says was totally cool!
Now we're finally home - and Mama and Daddy are arm-wrestling over who gets to be the most in need of time -- off duty.... :)


  1. Busy but fun looking day of cool stuff! :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a very full, fun day!! We have also been meaning to go the Aviary forever it seems, our membership ran out 1 1/2 years ago, and it sorely needs to be renewed.

  3. What a busy, fun day! Do you ever go feed the little parrots at the aviary? That's fun. I don't know about half the stuff to do there - I'll have to contact you when I head down next time.


  4. Stephanie,
    LOVE these pictures. It makes me happy and somehow thinking spring is really really coming! I esp love the black and white one of the girls sitting in the theatre. Very arty.

    You simply MUST MUST MUST email me your address so I can send you your prize!! Check out my site today and you'll see your name plastered all over it and of course, what you actually won!


  5. What a great, and probably tiring day! Great bird pictures!

  6. love those birdy photos. so pretty.


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