Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the case of the missing playdoh

"Trev, where's that yellow playdoh? Here's the cannister. What did you do with it when I asked you to pick it up off the (ahem - livingroom) carpet?"
Around and around he goes - looking up, looking in the sky, looking at pictures.... all the obvious places.
'Bout five minutes goes by. Obviously he hasn't a clue -- it was, after all three or four minutes before.

"Mom," Little Son comes into the kitchen. "I hate to tell you this... but I have hidden the playdoh! And it's Your job to find it! (conspiratorially now) You'll have to go around the world, and into some very dangerous places to look for it!"
I actually laughed - I couldn't help it.
"Find it, please, Son." (I'm not The Worst - I'd help, but I have a list of to-do's myself that is pretty long.)
Another five minutes of looking in all the obvious places.
"Mom - I know this is hard to believe- but I was in my room, experimenting, and I made the playdoh invisible!!"
Another burst of laughter.
Cheeky monkey.


  1. awesome. invisible playdoh. if i can't see the mess, it doesn't exist right? :)

  2. cute story! i can't tell you how many things i'm sure that we'll find when we finally move someday...

  3. Great imagination!! Much to mom's dismay:)

  4. OMG, that's priceless! You've (he's) got me laughing out loud over here.


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