Wednesday, February 06, 2008

busy busy

I've thoroughly neglected this blog, (which I know You don't care about, but I do....) so today I'll be correcting that.
I have no idea what the day entails - right now my babes are watching the tellie - maybe I'll just take pics of them doing that today, if that's all they do.
:) We'll see...


  1. Hey Stephanie!

    You may not have been on my blog ( was for awhile, but I was doing this Commenters Challenge thingy and guess who won?? That would be you.
    I need to get a hold of you via email...will you email me at: mialou68 (at)

    Thanks so much!!

  2. YOOO HOOOO Stephanie!!!! SEE ABOVE!!

  3. Sorry!
    Sorry, I'm coming....


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