Thursday, January 17, 2008

tea party

Have I ever mentioned that I love tea parties?I couldn't help but marvel at the charm of my hostess this afternoon.She was bright, and witty, and interesting, and funny, and articulate.

And courteous! At one point - after she had graciously invited us (the warmly welcomed But Uninvited guest and I) to extend our stay, and to supper with her - she brought the skillet out herself (still sizzling) eye to eye to me - and when I backed away, saying "I'm a bit nervous about getting burned", she asked me "Want me to cool it down for you?" She then proceded to blow it down for me! Not too many hostesses would make that offer, to be sure!
Never mind that she drank straight out of the pot, from time to time.She made sure the place stayed tidy, and was very sweet when I spilled my tea.Her other guest (the Uninvited One) assured her that it was a "splendid tea party!"
I have to agree. It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.
She has invited us back for another in a few hours - there is another guest that she'd like to entertain, and she has condescended to issue us the invitation, as well.
How marvelous.

Whatever shall I wear?


  1. Love it! loveitloveitloveit! What a sweet memory, and a sweet girl!

    Sassy Princess and she would have a lovely tea party together!

  2. CP-
    we had two more last night, one with cheesecake and peppermint tea when Daddy got home, and then Trev had one a while later. His was a sleep-over tea party!
    Where after the tea party we'd go skating, and bouncing, and jump on the tramp, and skiing, and on and on.


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