Thursday, January 24, 2008

Skills! We got Skills.

Today has been one of those days that the magic of learning and living just pops and bubbles and sizzles and snaps and strikes.
It's been one surprise after another.
Madeleine has said a thousand interesting and amusing things today. Too bad I can't remember many of them.
But she did help with the grocery list this morning - we were sending Daddy to the store to get us a few imperatives before he went to work. I asked him if he'd prefer the store or the kitchen - he chose the store. Suits me - I would rather the kitchen. Even if it did take me all day.
"I made an 'M'", she said.
"Oh!, what's the M for?"
"Me!"Cute little biscuit.

Trev and I started out watching a program on volcanoes - which was totally cool - we learned about different types of lava and volcanoes and their eruptions. Very interesting.

A bit later Maddie discovered her reflection in a pot. She found it exceedingly interesting and amusing. Me, too.Next up was a snuggle on his bed with reading. I asked him if he'd like to read for Daddy - but no, he's embarrassed. Better back off, then. My excitement may be showing. Check.

Maddie wanted to play her game, and instead of the keyboard today, she played with the mouse. She is developing her skills with it very well (just today)! Amazing.The Mama started on the kitchen - amid laundry and making cookies and helping with games and making lunch and dinner - did we have breakfast??? hmmm.....
Ah, well.

Madd helped with laundry, Trev got on Thinkin' Science, and started playing with catapults and animal tracks and scientific theories and mysteries. The first time he's played this (computer) game.
Madd helped.

Mama continued to clean (so few pics today!).

Finally Madd wanted the computer to herself (verra grouchy was she) so we set up Trev with JumpStart World on my notebook, and she played back there for five seconds, then started -er - showing signs of being overly tired (she very rarely naps), so she was tucked in on the couch with Do The Alpahabet (by Sesame Street) and went blissfully to sleep. Aaaah - maybe that explains that peaceful lull in the middle of the afternoon.....

While on JSW - Trev really astounded me today.
There were sentences that were completely apart and misarranged, (the sentence was given to him orally) and he put the words exactly where they should have gone. Granted, if you pause on the word, it tells you what it is, but he was moving them even before the word was voiced. I could hardly believe it. It's like he's gone to really reading in two days. I realize it's not all over and done, that in another context the same word might seem unfamiliar, but still - I believe that with familiarity, soon he'll recognize these words in any written form. I'm just so amazed.

After that he put together the calendar - all days of the week (following already implanted Sunday) into their correct places. He knew the words. And then put events into particular days, and numbered the days....
Shocking, I tell you.

And me? Well, I am responsible for this spectacularly clean kitchen, as well as the afore -mentioned distractions - you can also take a peek over there at my Very Empty and Very Large dirty clothes bin. Not a sock to be found in there (nor under any beds), Thank You Very Much.

My babes are callin' for me - they're excavating dino bones out of a kit - and I've now run out.
Of everything.


  1. Hey! I had one of those days yesterday! Perfect and gratifying all around.

  2. Great day! :) Awesome about the reading. And beautiful clean kitchen! Woohoo! :)

  3. Sassy says M is for "McDonalds"...and we haven't gone there in at least a year!?!

    Love the computer game shots! :)

  4. Add us to the "had a great day" list. We had some huge breakthrougs yesterday, too. I love days like these. Aren't these little people so amazing? Love them!!
    xoxoxo KKS


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