Saturday, January 12, 2008

Recording the OLM

I was relieved yesterday when I set down to write a post (but ended up snuggling with my babes instead) last night and saw that I had written two days before. I was thinking it had been a week!
Pshew!, only two days, I thought. That's not so bad.

I got a little wiggy for a minute in the middle of the week. I didn't freak, or anything, mind you, but I started.... um.... assessing. Ugh.
Sure - life is filled with Fun, but what else?
Since Little Son had requested a science experiment that involved the making of candy :) I got out one of our books.
I got sidetracked and I started testing bridge construction. Paper ones.
Trev would pass by the table - "whatcha doin'?" "I'm testing the strength of different bridge constructions. How many pennies do you think this one will hold?...." I ask. He plays with me for a minute - but it was really just a token - I knew it.
"Mom." He had decided enough was enough, apparently, I recognize that particular Mom, of course. "My brain is just not made for this kind of stuff. I am interested in dinosaurs. And prehistoric animals. And time periods."
"I know that... "
"I understand that you find this interesting.... but I find it boring."
I got a little uppity with the whole "it's my job to expose you to different things, though, too...." but somehow the words rang false, because we really have no problem going from one interesting thing to another in our home.
Far away lands -and ones not so far away, such as Indiana (?), volcanoes, mummies, asteroids, reptiles, mammals, evolution, centaurs, religioust things :) as Trev calls them, make believe, spelling, reading, on and on it goes.
Bah! He's right. Damn.

But guess what happened about three seconds after my (afore mentioned) strewing shpill? He was on the computer - playing JumpStart First Grade. Not JS World, which we also love, but this is a different one. It's a jewel, by the way. All of the JS games are treasures - we love, love, love them.
He's spelling. And doing fractions. Not just half, mind you, but quarters, and two quarters, and thirds. And following recipes that include things like 1/2 cup cornmeal and 2 Tbs seaweed, and 1 cup flour. He needed help with those a few months ago. Not now.
Anyway - he has been on the computer the last two days. Art, music, addition with coins, reading, treasure hunting and map following.

I have decided even though I have demonstrated that I am an idiot (again) - I'm not going to take it to heart. We all have moments (I am choosing to tell myself) when we look around and ask ourselves what's going on, and I don't think necessarily that it's a bad thing, or that it means that I am failing at unschooling. It just means that I needed to do a quick check - and to maybe pay attention to what, exactly, we are learning from doing a Family Talent Show.
Or not - as the moment demands.

So! All is well here.

Learning is happening.


  1. You could say, "I know you think this is boring, but humor me for 10 minutes, and I'll feel much better."

  2. I could -
    but it's just not that important to me.
    If I found it terribly fascinating, and really wanted to share my excitement with him, or if I thought it would really interest him, then I would.
    But it's not worth it to make him stand there and listen to me just for the sake of my exposing him to something different.
    Especially if my doing that just to prove something to him may make him disinterested in something than he would be naturally at a different time.
    You know?
    My children are mine, and [grin] if they're anything at all like me, then they'd likely just build an aversion for all things resembling bridges!!

  3. Don't worry. You're right. We all have our moments. If it makes you feel better, the amount of knowledge your little guy shows in the areas you mentioned is just amazing. He may have already found his niche in the world. Brilliant, that one.

  4. Thanks, Tara!
    I'm convinced that it will be something along those lines - some sort of zoologist, biologist, scientist, naturalist, etc.
    Though I'll not be tying him to it, of course! :)


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