Monday, January 21, 2008

Sharing the Love

Passed initially by Project Mommy, in the acceptance of this award you agree to share the love with not less than ten others.
Laura (someone very dear to me) has shared her award with me for Happy and Free, and I thank her truly. It means to me probably a lot more than it should! :)
My darling friend Evie graciously awarded Ordinary Life Magic with a second "Excellent Blog" award. I thank her most sincerely also - it means every bit as much to me as the first one did.

I began my list of ten awards on two different lists. It seemed appropriate.
Sharing at HF was going to blogs that inspire me spiritually and emotionally, while on OLM I was thinking of folks who share their day-to-day details, and their own bits of ordinary life magic.
I got well into the lists - around eight on each - when I started getting weary of the separation.

Many of my visitors prefer one blog or the other.
Some visit one or the other exclusively.
But they're both me. They're both pictures of my life. They are both my loves, and absolutely my heart and soul.

So! with that being said, I am no longer interested in separating or classifying the blogs with which I am choosing to share the love.

Now.... on to the sharing....

I am giving my first award to Laura - because I would have if someone else had given it to me. And I'd like her to know that.

Ladybugzen is next at Collecting Leaves - because I love traveling to the other side of my world and being embraced by the gentleness of her words and pictures.

Aubrey. Because she makes me think. And smile. And I adore her and her hooligans.

Julie at Lerend Zonder School. Because she is my friend, a beautiful Mama, and does a very fine job of recognizing life's magic.

Teri at Joyful Liberation - another Mama who is a life-long knitting waldorfing celebrating laughing shining hiking creating artsy unschooler. With time to spare to blog and keep track of it all.

My sister KimK. Because she makes me laugh, and she inspires me - and I am so glad that I get to visit her through these pages.

Evie, for her Incredible Shrinking Self - because thankfully she does not shrink but grows more into herself and her passions each day - providing the rest of us with truth and honesty and encourages everyone around her to be their amazing selves as well.

Madeline of Barn Raising - she has such a beautiful blog, and shares her passions freely.

Ren of Learning In Freedom - because she leads. And she works. And she blogs. And she lives RU. And she shows so many the way.

Beverly of Homeschool Image - I like her droll wit very much - just don't eat crackers while reading her blog. You'll likely choke.

Jane is a new find that I like very much - she is sort of new to RU - but she came packed full of goodness - she'll go far and deep into this one, I imagine.

Lastly, I feel compelled to recognize these people that I do not know (and that certainly do not know me), but that have greatly and oh-so-gently influenced my ponderings as well as my heart -

Carla at Zena Musings because she had the wisdom to begin a movement that so speaks to me - Sacred Life Sunday. And because she has some breathtaking photos.

Amanda at Soule Mama because her gentleness has so invaded so many unschooler's hearts - and she was a founder of the unschooler's ring. I don't imagine that she needs the recognition of this award (not to mention from a stranger), but perhaps she has a few friends that she'd like to honor by passing it on (even silently).

Boho and her Chronicles of Me, because there is so much emotion and beauty in her swirly world. Hers is a place of misty moonbeams as well as sparkly sunshine, and maybe she'd like to honor a few people of her own.

Julie of Two Small Birds is another most excellent site - full of Mama and Babies magic. Her beautiful photos and her poignant prose make for an always uplifting visit. Perhaps she, too, has people that she'd like to honor.

Sharing, always sharing.


  1. Geez, there are so many good blogs out there it's hard to keep up with them all! Thanks for listing these. :)

  2. I'm touched! Thanks for the nod.



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