Wednesday, January 16, 2008

notes on yesterday

Yesterday had some interesting things that I couldn't write about at the time.
I was in the kitchen, piddlin' and cleaning, and Trev shouted from the den "I spelled map, Mom!"
I wasn't sure - it's not an astounding occurrence - "Oh, good." ?? "Are you pleased with yourself?"
I wasn't sure exactly what he was excited about.
He had a game on - one that he hasn't played in a while, I think it was JumpStart Advanced K. When I walked through later is when I took the picture yesterday. He was spelling shed. Just the "e", but he had flown through the grayed out letters, and advanced in just a minute or two into the "fill in the blank". Thus, shed. And several other words.
I was impressed. His phonics learning is coming along. I was telling my friend that in the car a couple of days ago we were playing a "I"m thinking of..." game, and I said "a farm animal that starts with c h." "Chicken!" He said. Again, I was impressed, we haven't done any phonetic drills, of course.
Evidently, no worries.

The next thing was an hour or so later he decided to play Math 1-2. Which is also well loved around here. I picked it up at Target last year, and Trev has always loved it.
Anyway - yesterday he was on a higher level than he usually is. He was at this particular time doing addition. Usually when we have a math question, we use either the abacus, or I hold up my hands. "Okay, we have five, and we take away three, what's left?" sort of thing.
Yesterday I helped him with one, and left the room.
I went back in a few minutes later, and what was happening but that he was sitting there adding on his fingers. Maybe not impressive to anyone else, but that was a first. He took it right upon himself to figure out what 6 + 3 was. (He came up with eight, as he counted the "sixth" finger and only added two more, but still...)
Another milestone.

Lastly - from Eric - "Every time I get worried about something, or wonder, they do something that blows me away."
Yup. Exactly.
No worries.


  1. Coming from an unschooling perspective, it is how it should be right? It confirms for me the "not teaching" part of unschooling. They are learning things out of pure curiosity, on their own terms in ways that are fun for them. Everytime I witness something similar to what you posted about with Damek, or even Kyan for that matter, it makes me relax a little bit more and confirms the fact that unschooling is definitely the way to go!


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