Friday, January 18, 2008

make that one vote for peace, please

Mama: (off-handedly, and partly to herself) "Monday is Martin Luther King Day."
Trev: "What?"
"Martin Luther King Day is Monday. Remember the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln's war? When he wanted to free the slaves?...
Well, Martin Luther King Jr. came around almost a hundred years later. Back then, black people - people with darker skin - had to use different drinking fountains, and bathrooms, and all sorts of things. They were treated like they were not as smart and bright and human as people with light-colored skin. Martin Luther King Jr.........." on and on it went for several minutes.
"Sounds like Martin Luther had lots of love in his heart."
"He did."
"Why were people so war-ial (his term he uses) back then?"
"Well, wars still go on today. Bush has lots of people over in Iraq, and Afghanistan - in the middle east - fighting a war, and lots of people - women and children, also - are dying."
"Mom - are those other boys for the war?"
"Which boys?" I wasn't sure who he was asking about - the soldiers?
"The...." thinking.
"Oh, you mean the presidential candidates? With Hilary?"
"Yeah. Are they for the war?"
"Well, that's the most important thing, to me, in this election, is getting folks back home and ending the war."
"I think I want to change my vote to one of those boys. Which one is for peace? Which one has the best ideas for peace?"
"Uh - I'm not sure. I'll check into that, and let you know, okay?"
"Okay, Mom."

I'm gonna go cry, now.


  1. What a wonderful kid you have! That brought tears to my eyes!

  2. It was a really precious conversation for me.

  3. that is so cool steph. he has such a tender, sweet heart.
    let peace prevail!

  4. Very moving, can't we make him a candidate?-K

  5. Thanks, K.
    I visited your blog the other day - I love your banner! It's beautiful. I'll go back again later today when I have a few minutes to spend.

  6. Amen! If only more adults can see things as clearly as our kids. We have been very involved in the elections the past few months and the things Z (he's 8) says amazes me. I read your other blog below on the debate. I agree with what you said about Clinton wanting the government to raise our kids and put them in schools so early. Scary stuff. If that were to happen the beautiful insights made by our uninstitutionalized children would cease to exist, IMO.


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