Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17

Human Anatomy first thing this morning.
Trev made our lunch today. Mmmmm, and it was yummy!

I can hardly believe how varied his interests are. He doesn't have one favorite game. He loves his dinosaur games (real science dinosaur games, not cartoony ones) of course, but he also loves reading games, and math games, and sometimes art games. It amazes me that he'll break out one just as often as the other. (he's also fond of cartoon network and nickjr games - once a week or so he'll ask to get online for one of those.)
It further strengthens my belief and faith in the fact that children (people) want to learn and discover. They just do.

Storytime. Maddie has been killing me with her choice of words the last few days. I wish I could remember them all!
"This is so frustrating!" she'll shout.
Right this minute, she's in the den, saying. "Aaaack! I hate this. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it." lol
Wonder who that sounds like? Couldn't be her Mama....

She has continued with her "how do you spell...."
Earlier today it was (holding up her hand) "....Elephant (pretend) in my hand?"
Funny girl.
Cracks me up.
I must be off - I have a very important engagement - I was invited to a tea party...


  1. LOL at Maddie's words. It made me remember a sotry about Hannah at 2 yrs old. She was upstairs playing with my cousin's son the same age. She came down the stairs and I asked her what was going on (there had been some raised voices). "Tyler's *fustating* me, so I told him I was leaving. He's so fustating!" lol

    Now she's repeating some things from me also. Yesterday her "ABC page" (starfall) was being slow and I heard her saying "Come ON damn computer! Come ON! Damn computer is slow." lol

  2. Sarah -
    I related your story to Eric (he got home as I was reading it)...
    "Sounds familiar!" he said. :)
    Damned slowness, as well as the language.

    I swear today I got so frustrated - "I'm checking into permanent dsl!," I said. (instead of just the free once-in-a-while-if-I'm-lucky wifi on the notebook.)
    It takes me like ten minutes to load of people's comments page. No kidding and no exaggeration!
    Damned irritating.
    Damn it.

  3. I love your picture day posts, they are so fun!

  4. Thanks, M!
    I like them, too.
    I'm not sure why - if it's the capturing of their childhood that I like, or following them and their various interests, or if it's the "children do learn without school" documentary, if you will.
    Probably all of it!
    It's a wondrous life.


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