Monday, January 14, 2008

January 14

Glop was the order of the day, today.
Or cornstarch and water, if you prefer to call it such.Geez, I love that one!
Er - the babes do, too.
Mama got her hands in it with watercolors, and painted...
Then it was "painting." "No!- coloring. With Pooh."Then "now wiff the other ones."
Evidently she's not too fond of labels (or at least ones that Crayola chose), because promptly after each "what's this called?" she'd take off said label to make sure that no one (at least in our house) would ever call it that again."Hey Trev. Julie made these snowflakes (and Willow, and Damek, and Melissia, too), and I was thinking that maybe we could make some. 'Cept, I was thinking of making glaciers. You know, mountains of ice. I'd like to see if it would turn out. Here let me show you what I mean...."
"Yeah! Let's do that! But tomorrow, okay?"
:) "Sure, Bub. Tomorrow, then."
I think he means it (? to Melissia :) ). I also told him that it only took a day -instead of a month, as our sugar crystals did. Psh. : )

Then a second round of Fun With Glop....the weighing of a couple of inconsequential (almost weightless) things
then "Let's see how much this glass of tea weighs."Gettin' warmer. With uncovered legs and feet on the heat vent. Watchin' cartoons. Readin' about prehistoric life. Life's good.Gettin' the Roast Beast into the oven. (hope that doesn't offend anyone, we just always call beef that - after the Who's, of course.)
Trev wanted to do this. He has tried to put things into the oven on several occasions, but this is the first time that he went through with it. I think it was a sort of "I'm going to conquer this fear" thing for him. Not quite sure, but not certain that it's any of my business, either. Some thoughts are private, after all. Even from a Mama."How you spell elephant?" We usually write it on the chalkboard, or put it on the fridge. Or just spell it, if that's not possible. Why not?"How you spell doggy?"

"Mom - there's something I've been wanting to ask you. Well, I uh, Is it really, is anything really like - you know when you see on tv when people disguise themselves to get into the bad guys hideout. Does that really work in real life?"
So we talked about armies and camoflage, and spying for other countries (not portrayed as "bad guys", of course), and police pretending to be something they're not to "infiltrate" (a new word) the "bad guys" hideout.

Maddie demanded her Daddy shortly thereafter.
Mmmm, smells like supper is almost done.
G'night, then.


  1. You have me thinking it's time to buy some corn starch again. I don't think my youngest has done that yet. Did you know you can let it dry out and add water again? I'm not sure for how long, but I've kept glop around for awhile.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking that.
    Yesterday I thought (the second day) "if I just keep adding water, every day, or seal it up, I wonder how long it will last???"
    Probably quite a while!


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