Wednesday, January 09, 2008

girls with space guns

Trev had an idea today - "Mom - I'd like to make candy in a laboratory - you know, science experiments, and use my Ben10 toys. That's the craft I wanna do." (We had not been discussing plans for the day, he just came up to me and let me know these were his plans.)
"Uh - let me see what I can do," I said.
Let's see - sugar, plastic dirty toys (that would melt if used with hot sugar concoctions), lab coats, magnifying glasses, edible. Hmmm.
We don't have any flavorings, so suckers are out. And no corn syrup. And no cornstarch for glop....
But I thought maybe slime would do until we got to the store....
Even though Maddie added the water/borax solution preemptively (before the borax was dissolved), and it wasn't slime, exactly, it still was something. Actually, the children were thrilled. Remember those bouncy balls we tried to make a week or so ago? Turns out, this one - unintentionally - was superduper bouncy!

And made great alien army guys serving StinkFly - who happens to be an enemy of Ben10's.
Then we built tall towers.
And knocked them down, of course. Sometimes even on purpose.
Eventually this led to one tower in particular resembling a robot - and the idea of "Hey, wanna build robots?" The Mama was thinking about all the boxes and paper towel rollers we have downstairs in the craft cupboard....
So we (mostly Maddie and I) played.
Trev had other things to do - but he kept coming in to grade our progress. Hmmph.
As soon as he was done to Madeleine's satisfaction, "Can I destroy him?"
"You know. I want to splatter him. Make his parts go everywhere, and robot eggs fall out of him - make him go haywire."
"Give me an hour to enjoy him. And talk to Maddie about it."
"You wouldn't mind, would you, Madeleine?, if I.. uh... destroyed him?"
"No." says the Littlest Betrayer.
Psh again.
See how he oh-so-carefully puts him back together so that he can annhialate him!
Know that the arrangements of Meemee's (cuz Mama makes a "Meemee" voice, "I am a robot....")boxes were according to Madd, and not myself. She chose them to be upright. Course, she wanted his strongest (wax paper roll) and longest arm to be in a particularly humorous area of his body, too, but thankfully (or not for humor's sake) forgot about that when it was time to actually attach it....
And shortly thereafter it was time to destroy him....
One armed with her SuperDuper Space Gun, and the other with brute force.
Half a second later Trev was back at the kitchen table playing with that creepy gross wannabe slime that we made...
Surely these two blood-thirsty renegades did not really come from me...?

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  1. Love the robot! How fun, using recyclables. The slime looks fun too, that's one thing I've been meaning to do with Damek, I think he would love it, guess I will see if we have all the ingredients right now! Thanks for the inspiration!


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