Friday, December 28, 2007

Here I Am - stuck in the middle with you....

Earlier today I (the -perhaps beleaguered- mama) was bemoaning feelings of ennui - lost in the world of bland.

"I want you to get off computer now. I want to pway Sessme Street."
Got The Man done today. Aside from his guts.
Plenty o' time for that."Papa wives here." (Oklahoma.)
"Mom! You'll never guess what I saw! I saw a Xiphactinus gulp up a seagull!"
"Oh, my!" Wait... "Were there seagulls while Xiphactinus' were alive?"
"Of course (or at least a very close relative)! Don't you remember me telling you that the other day?!?"
"What period did the Xiphactinus live?"
"The Cretaceous!!!"
Oh, yeah.
I can't help but feel that he is thoroughly disgusted with my brain.

Explorations with the microscope.
Personally I was hoping for -er, expecting- live (moving) bacteria.
But - no.
Still - we looked at yougurt, saliva, cheek cells, hair, bubblegum, glitter, a section of butterfly wing, a butterfly leg, bee leg, cotton, camel hair, and I can't remember what else.
Maddie was very enthusiastic.
"Oh, wooow!" she'd say while sticking her eyeball directly to the eyepiece. I can't be certain that she could actually view anything from that position - but she obviously knew Something Special was s'posed to happen.

We tried out a couple of experiments today -
One was the making of super-duper-bouncy-balls - polymer chemistry ( glue, borax, water, coloring, corn starch).
Only they didn't turn out so superduper.

Secondly was painting outside - with conditions.
"But I like the snow white. White is the best color for snow," Little Son said.
"Hmm. How bout we section off just a little bit, then? Hey, how 'bout the table?"
It was acceptable.

flashback/flashback - Chrissy Hynde's (The Pretenders)- Middle of the Road -

The middle of the road is trying to find me

Im standing in the middle of life with my plans behind me

Well I got a smile for everyone I meet

As long as you don't try dragging my bay (Course, I always thought it said "drinking my beer")

Or dropping the bomb on my street-

Now come on baby

Get in the road

Oh come on now

In the middle of the road, yeah

Point IS -

Middle of the road's not so bad.

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