Thursday, December 06, 2007

a fondness for glitter and not-so-sterile garbage cans

December 5, 2007It used to be that this (pre) Mama had a clean house.
If I didn't get all the garbages in my house in the tub with bleach and comet once a week, I just felt icky. I could not consider my house clean.
Should a stack of t-shirts or loungy pants be a bit askew when I went to put away laundry, I'd straighten them.
All picture frames were dusted weekly.
Door frames were wiped down if there was a smudge or mud splat from a pup's tail.
Couch cushions were vacuumed twice a week, including under them.
In those days, I detested glitter. You already know all the reasons why. Yesterday when my son flushed the toilet for the third time in a row, and then I heard watery splashy noises, I became a bit worried. Icky toilet water all over my bathroom floor. "Um, Son, when the toilet won't flush down.... don't keep flushing it. It floods over." Towels, towels, where are the towels? (Pre Mama would have used "special" towels that were never to be used again for anything but this. Forever After to be washed and dried separately. -Though my lingering Clean Self did use floor-mat type towels -washed seperately-, and not our bath towels.)

The day goes on.
Chocolate Santas discovered in the advent calendar.Maddie wants her balloon blown up - it took over three hundred pumps (I started counting out of curiosity after fifty got it to about the size of a quarter) with the balloon hand-pump thing. She eventually happily took over.
Trev is amazing me with his inquisitions and trying out words -he is tackling dinosaur names that would tax a great many adults mind. He wants to know how to spell everything. "Mom, how do you spell 'No Way'?" And castle, and insect, and on and on it goes.
I have lots of glitter in the leaf-crack in my kitchen table. Clean Self would notta liked that at all. She'd probably have a toothpick after it.
(shrugs.)Things change.

Trev and Madd found good use for his balloon today, too. It housed Alvin (of Alvin and the Chipmunks), Trev figured out that a clothes-pin if twisted would hold the balloon closed, without committing to tying it (thereby making it useless for a Great Many Things).

Later they were mumbling and conspiring in the bathroom, I was curious, so I went in. I'm still not sure what they were planning with that giant red balloon.But a few minutes later, I heard this explosive splashing and splatting water noise.
"Oh, good," I think, "Sounds like the bathroom floor has now been rinsed with clean water....."

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