Friday, December 07, 2007

December 7

I really have very helpful and sweet children. And caring. And darling. And funny. And delicious. And brilliant. And..... :) Today was The Day!
Finally.... crayons!Well, there are lots of other projects that we'd really like to do Right This Minute, too (banana bread, our paper chain, getting our tree - that's a story in itself, making gifts, chocolate chip cookies, a cranberry (or rosehips) and popcorn string for our tiny tree in the den, on and on it goes.But today! Today we made our crayons, inspired by our friends Julie, Damek, and Kyan.
What a very cool project!note: we used three cupcake papers for each one, and two of our crayons leaked just the tiniest bit into our pan. I would suggest using four. We heated ours at 200, I'm not sure for how long - I forgot about them 'til I was like "What is that smell?" :) I thought I had ruined and over heated them, as they appeared a very dull single color (varying shades of brown) on the top, but when they cooled - very soon!- and we flipped them over, they were gorgeous! :) woohoo!
Silly ol' Mama to think we'd make crayons in our cupcake papers, and not cupcakes....
And while those were baking and the icing had been made....There aren't too many things that please this mama more than babes playing on the kitchen floor while other things are going on. I don't know why. It's just one of those little bits of magic for me.

Trev to Madd: "That's not a T! It's a c! C-H together makes ch!"
Yup. Sure does.

Serious jammin' to today's Sesame Street episode!

This chaos is one of our felt boards - this background is the inside of a house - the stories that accompany it are Stone Soup, The Three Bears, Jack and the Beenstalk, Shoemaker and the Elves, etc. She also gets out all the ones that go with our outdoor scene - Rapunzel, Three Pigs, on and on it goes, usually it's layer upon layer, same as her pages of sticker designs. :)
Currently they're shaking off some of that sugar, and jammin- - this time to Kids Favorite Songs (a Sesame Street video), and eating even more chocolate sprinkles....


  1. Very Nice! Reminds me of the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie!
    ps Finally did my 7 weird facts but on my other blog. Haven't done the grateful moments maybe this week!

  2. I really like the cupcake crayon idea. Mine may really enjoy it, I think I'll propose it.


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