Thursday, December 06, 2007

December 6

Advent calendar first.
Someday I hope to get a really great shot of them with the calendar.Snatch!
But not today.

After finding the day's treasure (gumballs), she raided the other cupboards in search of loot. She shamelessly sported her stolen booty...
"Madd.... Do you wanna play with your stickers, now... (I had finished printing out a background for her stickers) or are you too busy?""I'n not too busy....", she insisted.

Hide and seek and pretend with Daddy...Fabulous Balloon Chaos

Chrismtmas fudge
and we had a visit from a neighbor bearing gifts!Eric swept the snow off the tramp today - we're due another storm, yay!- and Trev took what will probably his last jump for a few months.
That's our day. How was yours?

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