Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26

Today Maddie cooked up a couple of batches of banjo's.
They were very tasty, of course! New princess LeapPad paraphernalia. "Mom. This doesn't even make sense! Why does this say p -t - e-rydactylus?"
It actually said "pteranodon".
"Well...." explain explain.
"I hate the silent p! That makes no! sense!."
Quite right.
Maddie's been walking around saying "I want Christmas again." :)
Mama: "Christmas is lots of fun, to be sure. At least you have all your presents opened now, and can play with them! Like your baby, and your zoomorphs, and your books...."
"Yeah! I want a baby!"
"Wull.... you have eight to choose from -right over there......"
"Mom. Are you afraid my brain is gonna melt from playing this Batman game?"
"No. I'm not worried about it."
"Well, I am. It seems like it's wasting away. I haven't even pretended yet today!"
"Sure we have. We've pretended xxx and xxx....."
"Well, it still seems like this is a waste out of my day....."
Soon after he was off to help Maddie learn computer skills....

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  1. That's a fun conversation about the video games. :) Where did the idea of his brain wasting away come from is my musing.

    Christmas again. :) How fun. We plan a lot of birthday parties at our house for a similar reason. For some reason, though, talking about the planning is all L needs most of the time.


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