Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11

I wrote a post for yesterday, and took pictures, but it was pretty quiet, and the pics aren't very good.

Suffice to say, we had computer time - Ben10 alien designs to put into a virtual Omnitrix, and also Trev got back into Jumpstart World.
He was verra frustrated with it for a while (aside from the desktop not being capable of running the game), he couldn't get past a certain part, and would just wail, and eventually he gave up. Yesterday he picked it up again, and spent like five hours on it (long after I had gone to bed), thrilled and challenged, then back up today saying things like "Well, you just gotta keep trying!"
He was thrilled and surprised that JW had snow all around, and that there were trees decorated for Christmas and/or Solstice!

We had chores.

And plans to get our tree and to go see the lights downtown (we've got some world class Christmas Lights in these parts), but when Daddy got home from skiing he was all tuckered out, so with the children's blessing, we've rescheduled for tonight (the tree, anyway.)

One thing worth noting - it's astounding to me - well, in an "I know, I know!" sort of way that about three weeks after I stopped asking Trev if he wanted to read (practice what he knows) he started doing it all on his own.
(rolls eyes at self.) Imagine that!

Silliness. "Take a picture of mine feet, too!" She demands.
Today there was lots more sticker play (Maddie has enjoyed stickers immensely lately - one of her Solstice presents from her Mama is going to be a binder filled with different backgrounds, covered in contact paper so it's reusable. With a giant envelope filled with stickers. At the rate she's going, I"ll need about a hundred different packages to last for a single month.

Liberating and rescuing dinosaur friends from frozen tundras. Or seldom-used outdoor water bowls, whichever.There's also been play (Madeleine) with Pooh and friends, and for a brief moment, Teletubbies (on the pc).
Trev was playing Jumpstart World on my notebook, and Maddie was chewing up a coupon that someone had left on our gate.
"Let's move this so spitwads don't get inside my computer."
"What are spitwads?" Trev wants to know.
Oh! Well, then. "Let me show you."She's jammin' with the ababus - sometimes we have it out to help with math concepts when playing pc games."Monkey Breath!!!" She shouts with a mouth full of wood.I don't know.

Mostly I've spent my day trying to get Annabelle (our St. Bernard) to wear the reindeer antlers so I can get a picture.
So far, she's having none of it.
Someone should really tell that dog that - as in all households - (grin) Mama's Reign Supreme.

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  1. love the abacus!

    I hope you get those antlers on Annabelle...that's a pic I'd love to see!


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