Tuesday, December 04, 2007

All That Glitters...

What a fun day we've had.
I know you all doubted me (with good reason), and thought -"Here we go again!, she knows better than to get all that fluff in her head!" - unicorns and all that :) - but it's been a really wonderful day!

Aside from just being really flowing and easy, we've had Christmas music on throughout and we've hung out in the kitchen together all day.

The day started out with robot assembly while I did a few chores in the kitchen.
We quickly moved onto sparkly projects.
Trev was playing on nickjr for a long time - eventually he became bored, let out a long-winded sigh, and informed Maddie and I (interrupting our laughter and glee and busy glittered fingers) that he was ready to submit to our torturous rack.
So we showed him the ways of the day's six hundred crafty projects.

Looking back on the pics to upload - Oh, Yeah. Forgot about that one.Maddie blue and demanding "I want you to clean me up!" I looked up (this was around 9am) to see her thigh deep in blue stencil paint. No, I didn't neglectfully leave the paint out, really! She hunted it down! I think I got most of it out of the livingroom carpet....

I finished my woodland Santa - though I s'pose he's more like gnome Santa. Still, I like him - he's perfect for the den- and I'm looking forward to making more Santa friends that are a bit more fancy for the livingroom. I'm thinking different representatives of Solstice-related correspondences....

There were a few things that I have been meaning to do - well, ideas that I like that I've not ever implemented or created.

Stars is one. A Great Success, I'd say. Trev is currently recovering from a different craft project, and hasn't created a star, yet, so I'll not showcase my front porch, just yet!The advent calendar's treasures today were a big hit - huge balloons. Which of course provided good giggly entertainment for a few minutes.The next project - that I wasn't sure if the children would be interested, though I've wanted to do it for a couple of years, now - was mittens. You trace around the hand on felt or paper, and decorate the mittens. The children of course chose the colors for their mittens.We did it on felt, with buttons and jewels and lace and star gems and anything else that took our fancy.I'll finish them off with an embroidery stich (though they've been glued) and we'll hang them with yarn on our Christmas Tree.

Now Maddie tells me she wants to make another star, and Trev has yet to make his, so I guess my puter time is over - for now....

A fun and full and festive day.
I s'pose sometimes "things that glitter" do get to be gold.


  1. I think I'm going to copy your mittens craft.

  2. It's one that speaks to a Mama's heart, to be sure.
    Steph S

  3. Love the snowflakes! and how did you get the stars to look 3Dish!
    Danette(I have MIA)

  4. Danette -
    Here's a website that shows you how to fold them to make the stars 3D. They also have 6 pointed stars, if you prefer those.
    I just taped two together on the inside of the stars (didn't want the tape to show.)

  5. OOh Thanks. this is also a fun one but might be hard for little hands.


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