Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 29

Today we had coop at Aubrey, Xavier, and Soleil's house.
Xavier has been fascinated with the human body of late, and he was hosting, so the plan was to do outlines of our (little) selves, then color in the appropriate (and favorite) organs.
Mine withstood the outline.That was about it.
We brought our Human Anatomy books with us, and hung up our posters. One full system with anterior and posterior, one more friendly for littles understandings.Soleil and Maddie were happy to hang up stickers on the elementary poster.Trev was - I dunno (waves hand over her head) out there somewhere. Playing with transformers and dinosaurs, most likely.
Xavi stopped by to plant on one sticker.... a vertebrae, I believe it was.

Soon enough they were outside with the bug vaccuum, sucking up box elder bug's to their hearts content.Trev had asked me something about tap dancing a few minutes before we left for their home, and I told him that Aubrey was a dancer, and that she, indeed, had been taking tap dance lessons. Maybe we should request a performance.
We remembered to do so, and she was very gracious and obliged us - though probably the children were not properly attentive or appreciative! But I certainly appreciated her time and effort (and practiced skill, of course)!

Eventually the babes - Soleil, mostly, started showing signs of being discontent and quite possibly cranky, so it was time for us to be off and head home.

I am hoping that sometime in the next few days we can fill in our (their) life-sized posters of their human form, with maybe bones, muscles, organs, or even gory guts.
We'll see.

We haven't been out of the house in probably two weeks, and it was nice to hang with friends for a few hours.
We showed ourselves to not be used to company, lately, so hopefully they'll someday invite us back. :)

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