Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 25

Maddie just astounds me.
Just now, I walked past her room, and she said "I'm going to work, now, Mom."
"You are?"
I looked, and she's got one of her little grocery basket loaded (supported on her arm) with a few Very Important Things, and is evidently quite ready for her Day At Work.
I remember Trev being the same way with imaginitive play at such a young age. Not that it matters, but I remember reading that imaginitive play comes to children much older than the oh-so-tender age of two.
We do a lot of pretending around here, of course. Today it was the Magic School Bus gang came over to play. And dinosaurs residing in our front and back yards, of course. That's pretty much every day.
So today the MSB kids show up, with Ms. Friz, and Maddie says "Oh, hello." and then later "Our friends are here!" when she was tired of waiting for Trev to decide when they were coming. Just as if she knew precisely what was going on.
Maybe it's not quite so surprising to others, but to me, her being two, and following along so well with conversation, and pretend play, is astounding!
She is so amazingly bright.

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