Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sick Babe

Well, while we had some fun earlier today, my camera batteries died early on, and my charger is totally skiwampus, and doesn't charge properly sometimes, so I've got two sets of batteries needing to be charged.
It's just as well, now Trev is hunkered down on the couch, with Maddie keeping him company, under a warmed down blanket with the heat on.
The poor darling is sick.
He's had the cold for a week, and has felt just fine, but this afternoon all of a sudden he went down for the count.
So we're all about Cartoon Network and Animal Planet at the moment.
Hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling much better!

I have to now brainstorm a dinner plan.....


  1. Poor thing! I hope he feels better soon! Maybe some of that chicken soup you guys fixed a while back would be just the thing.



  2. That's what we did - though he wasn't hungry when it was done.


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