Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the rest of October 9th (or) Crafty Us

Aside from finishing up our masterpiece, of course.

Vrooming outside on this gorgeous 75 degree day.
Lots of pretending, again. The Abraham Lincoln book has also led us to pretending that Trevelyn arrives home from a long trip to China, where there is no electricity, and he has to hunt and kill his own food. "I'm so sorry to tell you this, Mom, but I had to kill animals. How do you get your food?" In China (at least where he was) they speak Spanish. "Oh, I thought they spoke Chinese?" "Well, actually, it's a mix of English and Spanish."

We also have lots of baby dinosaurs running throughout the house. One must be very careful not to step on them, or their nests.

Search for mesothelae. Which is a very cool giant spider from the Carboniferous Period.

Maddie used scissors for the very first time today. Well - she tries to use them to open things such as granola bars and packages of Skittles, as Trev does, but it's the first time she had a desire to cut paper - just for the fun of it.

We made our jack-o-lanterns. We made them last year, too, and I love them so much that I think we'll be making them for years to come.

Trev's two first, then mine, the last two are Maddie's. (each arranged and placed exactly how the artist wished, of course.)

A search for more creatures that lived in the Carboniferous Period...

Caramel apples were next - curious, turns out someone ate most of the apples, but we did manage to find three...I tried doctorin' the photo to make 'em pretty[smile], but there was no savin' them apples.I bet they taste Just Fine, though.


  1. The pumpkins in the window (as well as the apples) both look great. I miss the crafty age. Z has lost interest in crafty stuff lately. Maybe I just need to indulge without him!

  2. My son detests crafts.
    Loathes them.
    This, along with painting, is practically the only thing he'll participate in.
    I cut them out, and give him the option of eyes, nose, mouth, pumpkin shape and stem, and he places them (after I dab the glue) where he sees fit.
    THAT is his entire interest in crafts!
    But I know that he's willing to do jack-o-lanterns!
    At least THIS much.
    And Christmas/Yule chains..... :)

  3. jiminy christmas, you're killin' me. The jack o'lanterns are too cool and the caramel apples? Man, they are one of most absolutest positiveliest favoritest things in the world.


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