Thursday, October 04, 2007

October 4

We began it like this Luckily, it wasn't an omen.
Today's Feature Presentation consisted among other things a herd of deltadromeus eating a poor apatasaurus (formerly known as brontosaurus).

Er, I mean a scuba and deep sea and fishing expedition on the Pacific Coast. Much good fun there today. Turtles, jellyfish (a floating ball with a wash cloth draped over it - the jellyfish also played a seastar), seals, octopi, and sea lions were the actors in today's grand adventure.

While the children were on their trip, and arriving home, I was cleaning Maddie's room, and set up a Little People village - the farm gets used often, but most of the others (carnival, circus, and construction) have never been played with - I am happy to say that this provided a good couple hours of great fun.
Trev has a cold, and didn't get hardly any sleep last night, so slow fun is the order of the day, today. I told him lots of rest and movies would be the ticket, but he's managed to find loads of fun things to do that don't involve over-exerting himself (aside from morning and afternoon Punkin Races.

Now their Mama's gonna grab a jug of moonshine and head into Trev's room for a bit of tidying up. Maybe today I'll actually get it done before I give up depleted and defeated.

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  1. Every time you show the tanagram set, I get closer to buying looks so fun!

    The dinosaur drama!!! Poor Brachio.

    I'm glad Maddie didn't cry over spilled milk! :)


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