Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 3

Maddie comes in first thing (she wasn't even all the way woken up, yet) totin' this big ol' gun (a power squirt gun).
"Need a baff, Mom, I'm cold."
"You're cold? Do you want a snuggle?" Not even a 'good morning', just straight-to-the-bath.
"Nope! Just want a baff."
Alright, Babe, I'll start you a bath."

In the midst of getting dressed for the day, she hops up to the side of her (never used) bed, and starts playing with the abacus.
"One, two, six, eleven. Six, six, six, six, six!"
I've often thought (since shortly after her birth) that at some point I'll be teaching (when asked)them both things at the same time. Not that I do any real purposeful teaching, you understand, but I mean in an "explaining concepts" sort of way.
Her mind is exceedingly sharp.
The other part of that is that she adores her brother so.

There's this little caterpillar toy - a pull string toy. The string only goes back in half way, and so the dancing/bouncing action only lasts like four seconds.
Today Maddie brought it in to me - a newly discovered toy, and wanted to show me it's action.
I took it, pulled the string, and set it onto the floor. (she had just been holding it.)
When it was done, she picked it up, pulled the string, and set it down. Most disappointing. Two seconds of action.
Did it again. Another two seconds.
She then placed it upon the floor, then pulled the string. A very satisfying (well, relatively) four seconds of action.
She's brilliant, I tell you.
(It is not my intent to boast, I just stand and marvel at these loves of mine, sometimes.)

Before Trev came outside.
After Trev came outside.
I walked into the livingroom, Trev was working on the puzzle for the US. Maddie had brought it up from downstairs a couple of days ago.

Star Wars play.

Then there's just plain old cuteness.
Now they're watching a Leap video, Complex Words.
It's 2:05.

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  1. That pic of Maddie's face all lit up for her brother is priceless!


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