Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25

Today's been full!
After the two preceding posts our day went something like this...

Uh - That would be chocolate glaze from a doughnut on her face. Reading about thunder and lightening before Daddy responsibly and voluntarily (salary, don't you know) goes off to work.... (To CP et al - never fear, these are different ones!)

"Hey Mom, look! It's Abe Lincoln!!" And so it was.

Then it was off to The Big Project, which is where you could find us for most of the afternoon.
I was herewith help at times.

The children could be found (and heard!) here.

Eventually we come to 900ma, and the evolution of choanoflagellates (a very early life form from which all of the animal kingdom evolved).

"Mom, (after quite a discussion about it) when I was a choanoflagellate, I was thinking What will I evolve into? and you were wondering, too."
At first I thought Well, I'm not so certain that I was ever a choanoflagellate.... and then I transferred over to "all things existing at the same time, and eternally", and I thought... "Well?!? Maybe I was!!" ;) It taxes my poor brain, and really, I can't say for sure either way....

Note to self: Do NOT leave your important and intricate projects -even for a second!- with sharpies in the immediate vicinity!


  1. A few things...

    I've always wanted a mother of all timelines on a wall. Silly me, I've been looking for a big enough poster, when what I should be doing is drawing lines and notes right on the wall myself! Brilliant! Maybe I'll wait until we sell this one, first. :)

    Also--I just realized that I am going to be selling at the Country Christmas show in Sandy the 2nd weekend in November. I don't know if that's close to you, or if you ever go into those shows, but if you are and you do, you can come say hi!!! :)

  2. Looks like a nice day, indeed.


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