Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 2

I forgot to tell the story of Maddie's amazingness the other day.
We were picking up the Thomas track from the kitchen floor where we'd been playing, and Maddie picked up two pieces still attached together, and tried to put it in this little basket where we keep the engines.
"It's too big," she said, when the track didn't fit into the box.
I couldn't believe it. "Yes, it's too big to fit neatly inside the box."
Yesterday had some interesting happenings.

The boys interaction with eachother (Trev and Damek) is interesting to me.
First thing was "Damek, I have five Pokemon!"
"Well I have a hundred!"
"Well I have five hundred ninety-nine!"
I roll my eyes. As if he even knew how much that was! :)
After that things went pretty smoothly.
Jumpin' and buildin' and checkin' out packed-away baby toys.

I have to tell this story - It was almost time for them to go, as Kyan's naptime is 2:00, and it was nearing three, and Julie was doing something, Trev asked "Why do they have to go?"
And I said (thinking of the laundry and my horribly disastrous den and bedroom that I desperately needed to clean) "Well, Kyan needs a nap, and Julie probably has stuff that she needs to do, too."
"Well what about Damek's needs?"
He had me there.
Damek, of course, was wanting to stay for a while longer.
Trev has offered an invitation to come play tomorrow (Thursday), as well.
Hopefully they'll come

After our friends left, Trev wanted to play his Math 1-2 game on my notebook. It's been difficult for him, as the notebook has Vista, and all that we've found so far won't play properly on Vista, but that one does!
So while playing that, we come to patterns, and it's ___, 25, 30, 35.
"Twenty!" Trev said.
Blink. What?!?
"Right!" I beam in my amazement.
How the heck did he know that?
Easy, you might say, but I've had no idea how to convey these concepts. It's just something you just have to sort of "get", you know. (Like all the rest, really)
Then "32, ___, 36, 38."
Then "0, ___, 20, 30" Which he needed a bit of help with. This was the first one, actually, but eventually we figured it out.

Maddie had to get on and do her thing, too, of course.
What else?
Cleaning, playing, jumping when Dad got home, then last night we ended it -lights out- with popcorn and a movie - "The Rescuers".
I just love that one.
I want to marry Bernard.
And I want to move next door to Luke and Ellie Mae.

A fine day.


  1. I didn't tell you, but when we were getting ready to leave and Damek didn't want to, we agreed that we would stay for 5 more minutes and then we would head out. Well right after we made the agreement, he was done playing with whatever it was and ran to the door saying "let's go", so I grabbed Kyan and my bag and headed out the door, put Kyan in the stroller, got Damek's bike (as he was already out the gate), and as I was about to help him onto his bike he said "I changed my mind, I do want to stay for 5 more minutes":) With Kyan already being in the stroller and looking dreamy eyed, I said "bud, we're all ready to go now", and then he said "o.k., but can we come back tomorrow", to which I replied "we'll come back sometime, but tomorrow we are going to the dentist to see about your aching tooth", and off he rode!

  2. That's right!
    I remember hearing him say "Okay, I'm ready!"
    I was hoping (since he wanted to stay just a minute before) that nothing had happened that made him want to leave in such a hurry.
    I was relieved when you told me that he wanted to come back tomorrow!

  3. I always loved The Rescuers, too. Evinrude was my favorite.

    You have such amazing kids! I've been going through all these posts and their endless curiosity never ceases to amaze. If anyone's kids could embody the word "sparkly" it would be yours, my friend!


  4. I love Evinrude, too.

    It's pretty great that sometimes we just get to watch them and marvel, isn't it?
    Children are pretty amazing.


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