Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18

I got out the storyboard today (felt), Maddie has never seen it. I got it out a couple of times when Trev was young, but he was never much interested. We have several stories - here she played with the Jack and the Beanstalk stuff. Later I told the story of The Three Little Pigs.
She seems to like it.

Trev and I looked at some things through the microscope today - he took this picture of me.
We looked at frog's blood
the scorpion's tail
the grasshopper's head
a goldfish scale
string cheese (our snack)
camel hair
and a bit of red feather.
Someday we'll have a digital microscope for your viewing pleasure. But not today!
We tried to look at Trev's hair, but we don't have any empty slides, and the hair kept moving around, making it very difficult! Though while trying I did find marks of my fingerprints. It must have been oils, I guess, because the little "bubbles" didn't ever dry. That was very interesting!
Maddie had to get in on it - she tried to look through the scope, but was really interested in the ant "my ant!" as she called it, with her magnifying glass.
I'm not sure if she was breaking out to explore, or just spying. I should have asked her.
Madeleine requested to watch Animal Planet today. That was a first. Usually it's Babe or Me-A-Pooh. My children are animal lovers, no doubt about it.
Trev was dying to go time traveling (outside), so I eventually relented - but said that I must dress up for the occasion. Cakes took this one.
While on our expedition I gathered some beautiful fauna - to be used in a future (today?) seasonal art project.
We were on a mission to seek out creatures from three different time periods - guess which ones!- and bring them back to Prehistoric Park.
Here is Trev placing eggs oh-so-carefully into a nest that he made for them.
Now Maddie-cakes is snoozin' on the couch, and Trev is watching cartoons, I believe.

Now I really must get busy cleaning!
(the Mama waves goodbye over her shoulder.)


  1. Can I send my kids to 'ordinary life magic' camp? Please? :)

  2. Absolutely!
    And will you take mine on just ONE of your trips, say... every two or three years???


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