Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12

I'm glad that I've gotten into the habit of just calling the post by the date, 'cause then, for days like today, I don't have to think too hard and come up with something clever, when I can barely put a couple of thoughts together!
Not that I'm really out of sorts today, just... floating (and dipping, and sinking, maybe) along.

Now both the babes are sick. Yesterday Trev had this barking cough, and while it doesn't sound violent anymore, it is now every few seconds, so that's not so good, either.

We went to Costco today - all of us, and that was interesting.
On the way there we discussed John Wilkes Booth again, and Abe, and Thomas, and Sally, and Thomas' father.
Trev is so fascinated by the whole thing that I'm feeling a bit guilty - like I've done him a disservice by not offering the information, or other similar things before. He's never asked, and we've discussed others - Davey Crockett, and a few others, but he was never really interested. (So I guess I shouldn't feel bad, after all. But who woulda thought?)

We picked up some Magic Treehouse books today at Costco.
And Jumpstart World - ready for Vista. woohoo!
I looked thoroughly for a history book for us to bring home, but didn't have any luck with that. Really, folks, I mentioned it before, but I'd really like some suggestions on history books! I'll have to go look up the ones Child'sPlay mentioned the other day....
Also on the Costco agenda was a couple of pairs of jeans for Trev, as he's runnin' around in thermals and shorts - which I don't mind, it's often my own preferred style, and one dh likes as well, so it suits us... still, long pants would be nice.
And guess what?
Size six? No.
No way!, in fact.
The child skipped right over the size sixes, and went straight to seven!
In length, also mind you, not just around the tummy.
They are not even too large. If they had eights, I would have gotten them (only 2T-7).
Somehow that just seems wrong.
Wrong, I tell you, wrong.

Maddie started talking to me in a make-believe growly voice yesterday. It was hilarious. Grown up, but hilarious.
Trev reads (in his way) while he's eating soup.

Today my son asked me when time began.
And a few minutes later he asked me why Abraham Lincoln had to be assasinated.

On the way home from Costco we saw a haunted house, and I told Trev that it was for older kids (he doesn't like masks and scary things) so he starts sayin' that pretty soon he'll be fourteen and eighteen.
"Before we know it." Dh complained.
"Not before I know it - I'm expecting it tomorrow. It damned well better not be before then," the Mama grouched.


  1. Have you ever looked into the Horrible History books? They are geared a bit older but put the info into a fun, funny and interesting format.

  2. LOL My kids have been pretending to be teenagers lately. They had been in their room for a while the other night and then came downstairs proclaiming that they had magically transformed themselves, Ryan was 13 and Iain was 16. I was just impressed that they'd remembered to keep their age difference in order to make it more realistic. :)

    In thinking about Trev's interest in history, have you ever watched a show on Discovery Kids called, "Time Warp Trio"? It's about three boys who use a magic book to travel through time and they meet all kinds of historical figures along the way. Iain really enjoys it, of course he's not into books like Trev either. Do you have a good used book store near you? Ours has a pretty amazing kids section. I found an activity book the other day based on Celtic History. Maybe I'll go check our place out and see if I can find anything he might be interested in.

    This is a fun post, although I'm sorry that both of your precious ones are sick and am sending love and well-wishes to you all.!


  3. Thanks, both of you!
    Evie - I was thinking the last time you mentioned it of going to Sam Weller's - our great used bookstore - but then forgot about it.
    I'll have to do that.


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