Monday, October 08, 2007

Learning Happens

It often comes so unexpectedly and unadorned.
Such as "Abe Lincoln is on the penny."

I've already told you of our conversation, and how it lead to a book.
Saturday night we began it, with Abe's childhood. Trevelyn, amazingly to me, was captivated. I honestly thought it would be too dry for him, and boring, and kept expecting him to stop me at any minute, but we actually read the entire first chapter, which was ten pages.
Trevelyn later that night kept repeating stories of Thomas, Abe's father, and then his step mother.
The next day, yesterday, it led again to some wonderful discussions on Indians (as called in the book) and Christopher Columbus, and his discovering America while in search of a different route to India for spices. Eric was able to fill in much information that I didn't have, and it was so awesome to have an animated and so interesting historical discussion!
I was so fascinated to hear this little boy speak of things that we had read, things I had perhaps already forgotten (as I was wondering mostly when he was going to stop me from reading any further) and hear his observations and interpretations.
It was so amazing.
I never would have thought to introduce a subject such as this.

Yesterday we cleaned and talked and played (we finally got Trev's room clean!!) and got ready for a Harvest Party that our friends (Aubrey, Chris, Xavi, and Soleil) were hosting.
We had a lovely time, as always!
I'm not sure what's up for today, Eric is fishing - those of us left behind will just have to find something fun with which to console ourselves.

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  1. Pretty cool! Yes learning definitely happens, all the time, every day in any way possible. I love unschooling!! Happy trails :)


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