Saturday, October 13, 2007


I scooted over to Child's Play, and found her mention of the Heroes of America books.
On the dim hope that a Michael's by my work would carry the same books (for the same price?)I ran away for a few minutes.
They did carry a couple biographies, though not a dollar each - I'll try not to cuss about that too much.

I picked up Benjamin Franklin
Eleanor Roosevelt
Daniel Boone
along with a few other gems -
The Call Of The Wild
Around The World In 80 Days
King Solomon's Mines
and Captains Courageous

All at a very reasonable price of $3 each.

Thanks so much SA - I look forward to these tales!


  1. Benjamin is what started us on's a good one!

    Daniel Boone...:)
    80 days was hysterical, we kept track on a globe.
    King Solomon's Mines is The Golfer's favorite...well, that and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    The Naturalist read The Call of the Wild by herself, for fun, late at night. Unprecedented.

    $3...not bad. Not $1 ;) but not $20 either!

    I'm now addicted to checking Michaels to see if they have any new shipments every time I go past.

  2. Testing.......Are you getting my comments? There seems to be many missing. Or maybe you just don't approve of them:).
    Maybe I am missing a step when posting????

  3. I haven't recieved any in a long time!
    Since.... the 7th.

  4. I think there must be a problem...I'll have Mike check it out later.


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