Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fieldtrip with friends

Aubrey set up a fieldtrip for us to go to HeeHaw farms to play today.
It was the usual bunch (see The Mamas in the sidebar) - minus a few that were sorely missed.

There were terrifyingly tangled mazes

and all manner of Great Man-Eating Beasties!
There were slides into the Underworld that none dared take.
There were wicked pirates and cackling witches and ghoulish ghosties than no one dared disturb.
One could be turned into a toad, if she wasn't very, very careful.
One could also experience the terror of being buried alive!

Haunted woods of towering and menacing flesh-seeking plants dotted with ripe and rotting flesh.

Death-defying leaps

while running for one's life.

Bravely ascending outer walls of haunted castles when no one was around to yell at us "Nay!"

To be sure, it was a torturous afternoon.

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