Wednesday, October 03, 2007

and the second half

Stray socks. One her brother's, one her daddy's.
Laces in the hallway while the mama worked on Trev's room. This reminded me of The Gong Show.
Silly children.

Punkin Races, Trev called them.

"Mom - what would happen if we put this (grape cluster remnant) into the toilet?"
"Well, if it flushed down, it might clog the pipes. It's pretty hard. Are you wanting to experiment with the toilet?"
Thinking there are lunch leftovers... "What would happen to this bread, leftover from lunch?"
"Well that's way too big and hard!"
"Do you think? Well, let's see. Put it in this bowl of water, and see what happens to it...."
"That's amazing! Can I put it in the toilet?"
He goes off to do just that.
Meanwhile Maddie takes some bread to dunk into the water....
"Thass 'Ma-sing!" she exclaims.
Mama smiles. "Isn't it?"
I think so, too.


  1. I love hearing these snipets of your day! Your kids are so cute, and have so much fun thinking of things to do!!!

    I think Maddie and Sassy Princess would get along swimmingly! :)

  2. Just the last few months I've been so amazed at their antics.
    I was telling someone a couple of days ago - I don't even purposely strew anything, anymore (such as bring up the microscope from downstairs - in case someone should happen by and want to use it).
    They're just so active and creative that it just isn't necessary (for my own peace of mind).
    As I've told you, I feel like we're living a big, wonderful, magical secret.
    It's a beautiful life.


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