Monday, October 15, 2007

899 steps from home

today we were finally able to do steps from home.
(today calls for all lower case letters because the mama has been haunted by a horrific sinus headache for a little over 24 hours now and it's about done her in - quiet, please.)

we've been trying to go on steps from home for several days, now, but something always came up - it got too late, maddie went down for an unexpected nap, we were not feeling well, etc.

today it led us here. do you recognize it?
sorry. that is about the extent of my wit today.

it actually led us to the doorstep of a store, so of course we went right in to see what treasure we could find. trev found some paintable dinosaurs, i found some knex, and madd found an animal book. (her favorite.)

on the way back we collected leaves and pods for an autumn art project, prob'ly we'll be saving that one for tomorrow.

another successful outing.


  1. Nice! 899 steps!!

    Sorry about your headache my friend. I suffer from sinus headaches, too and they are misery defined. If you can, get yourself some saline nasal spray. Nothing addictive in it, just saline. If you use it pretty regularly, it will really help you stave them off.

    I hope you feel better soon!


  2. (i'm whispering) i hope your head feels better soon.

    it sounds like you had a great day regardless of your headache. :)



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