Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Very Sparkly Sort of Day

If I could choose a perfect day, it would look a lot like this one.
No particular reason, other than it's been full of magic - fun and friends wonder and observing and easy breezy.

This morning, before we were even out of bed, Trev asked where babies come from. It's not the first time he's asked, so I said "What do you mean?" and he repeated himself... so I told him. Again. He knows the technicalities of it, but he doesn't know how the sperm gets from the male to the female, if you see what I mean. Other than "the male and female 'mate'."

So I got out of our warm pallette (Maddie had kicked me off the couch) and went to fetch our three Human Body books. He's also been asking what the female system looks like (as he knows it's on the inside) so I showed him that, too.
Eric picked us up some extra baking soda and a gallon of vinegar last night at the store, so we were anxious to go outside for volcanoes, but they didn't turn out, particularly.
We didn't have a lot of time, as we were due at Art and Craft Circle at 11am, and needed to get going for that. We went into our backyard to gather up leaves, plants, and flowers to use for today's project.
Today's meeting (it's a monthly meeting) was hosted by our friend Steph, and she had brought boards and muslin to the park for us to do some leaf pressing - you pound the plant's imprint into the cloth.
A very cool project!Maddie and Trev were done early on, as usual, but I loved this craft! I think it would be beautiful with a bit of embroidery.
It was so nice to hang out with a few of The Mama's and babes- not everyone was there, but there were five of us, and that was lovely, indeed!Isn't this one scrumptious (Kyan)? One of these days I'm not going to be able to help myself, and I'm just gonna have to take him home with me!
We didn't take lunch, as we had run out of time, so we decided to stop at the craft store to get some Plaster of Paris and lunch on the way home. We were inspired by a few cookie cutters - a dinosaur, two butterflies, a flower, and a dog - while we were there, so at the grocery we picked up a few decorating tools.
After not getting any bright ideas at the grocery regarding lunch, we brought our popsicles home and then went to eat.
While at lunch, Trev put to me lots of interesting questions, some of which I've mentioned in the five w's.
After he asked if the earth would explode someday, we talked about things that would possibly cause an explosion - an astroid (Trev), of course, which caused us to wonder if all rocks come into the atomosphere at the same speed -?- and we wondered if the earth's center could be pressurized enough to actually cause it to explode (Me), and then Trev got an idea about giant robot bugs and cracks, and the earth "is all wierd, and these giant bugs take over and cause all these cracks, and earth just explodes!"
Volcanoes when we arrived home!
Not only is this such great fun, but it was just cool to see the children make sense of things. When you do volcanoes with wet sand, it leaves marks just like lava rocks.Trev also observed that the river of lava caused one of his dinosuars to be buried.
Just like in real life, folks.
We had planned to do experiments with how to best shoot our volcanoes, but after taking out a glass bottle and burying it (with a smaller neck) we found that it suited our needs perfectly. We placed the baking soda in first, and the children then poured the vinegar. Most impressive!

Now Mama's here, the babes are playing, and we're waiting for the butter for our sugar cookies to soften.....

I'm sure it's ready by now.....


  1. I bought some Muslin a few years ago with the intention of making curtains. I ended up buying them already made instead. You just gave me a great idea of what I can do with all that material.
    Do you just sandwica thh leaves (or whatever) between a folded piece and then pound away? I wonder if it works with red or yellow leaves. It will be neat to expirement.
    Also, where did you find brown plaster of paris?

  2. Brown plaser of paris?
    If you mean our sand in our sandbox.....

    Put the flowers between the board and the muslin. I don't think it would work so well to put it between to layers of material... it might be too soft, and also it would divide the colors between the two halves, I think.

    I tried it with a bit of dried flower, and it didn't work.
    Steph said that some flowers turn brown, just as they do when you dry them, so be prepared for that.
    I'd use ones that you know dry well.
    Have fun!
    It's a beautiful project.

  3. OK so that is sand? That makes sense. I had read earlier that you were going to get some P of P for making volcanoes, so I just assumed.....
    So put the leaves on the board and then the material? Or do you put it all between two boards? Just trying to figure the best way. And we have frozen blueberries (picked this year) that I think would be neat...they always make our tongue blue when we eat them. I'm going to go dig through the craft box so we can do this tomorrow. It's supposed to get up to sixty-five so we can do it outside!!!

  4. No! Don't put it between two boards, you want to pulverize the stems, and components of the leaves. If you put it between two boards, you won't get that.
    Be sure to show us how it turns out!

  5. A couple of things - first, I knew Mad couldnt wait for soup - she had some, but she needed something Right Then, and it wouldn't wait. THey usually have the same lunch, or at least a variation.
    SOmetimes we just put veggies, fruit, and turkey or roast beef on a plate, and they eat what they want.
    Next - principles - absolutely.
    Principals are deveoloped internally, rules we are subjected to externally.

    I wanted to make this comment seperate incase you wanted to keep it private.
    Admittedly I do not fully understand the whole RU life. All that I have learned about it, I learned from you. Please know that I am not against it. I am a firm believer in doing what works for your family.
    I hope I didn't sound deffensive (about my way of parenting vs. yours) in a passive/agressive sort of way. I hope I didn't make you feel like you needed to defend yourself to me. That was not my intention and when I re-read my post, I realized that it could be taken the wrong way.
    That being said, your comment did broaden my perception of the RU life.

  6. Is there a website with instructions? I feel so dumb asking so many questions, but I am just not getting it. I am such a visual learner!!!
    I can google this if I know what it is called.
    BTW, do you have IM? It would be easier to discuss such things there instead.

  7. I wasn't offended, nor did I feel that you were attacking me.
    And I am equally certain that it is much easier to live the way I do with two children than it is several!
    - Which is partly why Eric and I only have two - we can well see our limits, and don't feel the need for any more - our family is complete.
    No offense taken, and thanks for keeping an open mind!

  8. It's easy, I just haven't explained it properly.

    Lay down your board.
    Lay your leaves and flowers over your board.
    Tape the cloth (after you've draped it over your flowers) to the underside of the board.
    Hammer away at the cloth (which is lying over the flowers, covering them up.)
    YOu will immediately see your design start to show as you hammer.
    When you're done, wash your cloth in cold water.

  9. Aha! I see clearly now. Thanks for the visual.
    So we have the wwod...we might not have enough leaves, (do you think ten million will sufice?) and I bet I should go buy a couple more hammers, as the fighting over the one that we have will take the joy out of such a project. Or maybe we could try using rubber mallets, we have three or four of those.
    Thanks again,
    Love you

  10. Rubber mallets might be to soft, but easily handled stones would work very well. Maybe with somewhat flat spot?

  11. OK, so coming back to link to your 2009 flower press post on my blog, I saw your hotlink to this one and came to check it out. I thought I was being all original with my idea to embroider our flower art. Damn it! lol

    It's just calling out for something more. I hate to mangle it with my sub-par embroidery.


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