Sunday, September 02, 2007

Today (Pre Labor Day)

I don't have much.
I was laboring. In the work-force sense, not the female about-to-give-birth sense.
But here's what I caught when I was not Otherwise Occupied.

Time out for a scientific dino book this morning (the evolution of the tyranosaurids).

Maddie turning over rocks to spy and hunt for the bugs. All on her own, mind you. Trev was not heading up this investigation.
Then "Rescuers Down Under".
"Do you know where 'Down Under' is?"
"Hey, right! Do you know where Australia is?"
"Mmm, no."
"Want me to show you?"
I did so, of course. When I went back in to the living room a few minutes later, he had the book Rescuers Down Under open and on his lap while he was watching the movie.

"Looking at the book?"
Huh. Not too long ago he was of a mind that books were not nearly as interesting as movies or television. Now apparently books are a bit of an extra.
Imagine that.

Lots more swimming and tramp jumping. We bought another pool. Yes, for those of you keeping track, that's three this summer. Doesn't matter. We've played hard and had a great time with them. These days in our neck-of-the-woods, we are STILL at 94-96 degrees every day. Hottest summer (and Labor Day) in history. Supposedly we'll cool off permanently in a few days.
We'll see.
Can't go public - it appears there is some parasite that has invaded the local pools - remember that illness that my family had a couple of weeks ago that I said took me out? Yup. That would be the one. Not just a virus, folks. An actual parasite! Let's just say I was glad I was well over it when it appeared on the news. Eric is swearing off public pools for God knows how long. Despicious, indeed.

Let's see, where was I?
Oh yes, Australia, globe, equator....

Muppets came on after Rescuers. MuppetMaddie was dancing and bobbing with the rest of them.

Now I think they're back outside again.

I'm off to finish cooking supper and to sparklify a bit more. Daddy is expected back from fishing very soon.

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