Sunday, September 16, 2007

Early Sunday Afternoon

This morning I woke up on the couch with the children playing around me and already well into their day.
They've not stopped since, of course.
There was some great dinosaur play going on in the sandbox today - we're loving the new sand, and with the new sea creature (tanystropheus) we got at the park the other day, it makes things extra fun. There was chalk drawing which lead to water-and-brush drawing.
Trev found the map from the dinosaur park, and wanted to know all about it. So we had map studying for a while.
I had an idea to draw the map on the trampoline, and thought we could put some dinosaurs around on the map like there was at the park. He wanted to play, but then decided to draw them instead. That game was short-lived, but it led to another game that we enjoyed for quite some time - we would draw a letter on the trampoline, and the other would try to come up with a dinosaur that began with that letter (while jumping and bouncing, laughing, wrestling, and giggling). If you stumped the other, then you got a point. We decided to play for five points, and the winner got to choose his prize. Trev chose ten minutes of jumping on the tramp for his, I chose lying on the tramp :) reading stories for mine. (He is so exhausting to jump with - he's an expert at stealing bounces!)
After probably thirty letters, and at the very end changing it to sea creatures (past and present) Trev stumped me for the final time with "i". Couldn't think of one. Could only think of iguana and ibis. And while they enjoy living near water, it can't be said that they're sea creatures!
So we jumped, and eventually played a couple of other games that I played with my siblings when I was a kid. (like kick-a-hiney, for Kim.)


  1. Ichthyosaurus! Is that a swimming one?

    Sand, water, trampoline, chalk...sounds like summer is still going strong for you guys! :)

  2. Indeed it is!
    And I am most impressed, friend, but you see... we had a "no repeats" rule, and had already used it!

  3. AHHHH. I haven't thought of this game in a long time, infact I forgot the rules. Can you remind me? I have been straining my brain to remember, but I can't.
    OH! WAIT! I think I just remembered. Is it where you lay under the tramp and kick the hiney of those jumping when they do a "but flop?"

  4. No, it's the one where one person lies down on their back, with their feet and knees up, and another "sits" on the bottom of the launcher's feet, then the launcher pushes/kicks the launchee into the air and sends them flying.
    Much safer to do on a tramp, as its a soft landing. We usually did in on beds.

  5. Oh Thank You!!!! I had forgotten about this fun game. I'm going to play it with the kids tomorrow on my king size bed.
    I'm laughing at the great memories, thanks so much! I love you, thanks for growing up with me!


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