Sunday, September 09, 2007


The fair is such a strange place!
It's wild and tacky and hurried and colorful and fascinating in a train-wreck sort of way.
Here are a few highlights of our trip to ours.
Maddie didn't like the smell of the sheep.
So wild.
So tacky.So colorful.

See this man on the right? He is the one that is standing at the booth in the above picture. Little guy, wearing a tux (of sorts). When we went by later, in the evening, there was a large crowd gathered before this attraction that had no one too near it earlier. This guy in the Indiana Jones hat had the microphone, and was telling "One and All" about the attractions inside. won't use the work freak, because it offends me, but you know about these things. I was fascinated by it. The strange little man wearing a tux, holding a small torch, and the adventurer, who had gone across the world to gather these strange and bizarre things.

So many classics this day.


  1. You captured the true essence of the fair with your wonderful pictures!

  2. Thanks Julie.
    I gotta comment on those cowboys, though.
    It was the strangest thing!
    The one on the left - and they were real cowboys, you could tell, but he had on leather suspenders (which I thought from a distance was actually a dog collar) and Wranglers with Copenhagen in his pocket, but a biohazard tattoo, along with several others, and his partner had a mohawk, which you can only see the edge of if you look closely.
    Which themselves do not cause me to be perplexed... but on real cowboys? Was very strange!
    I loved it, though.

    The guy in the other picture was really for Eric, he was like did you see that guys pants? and so I had to shoot his butt. Eric will kill me for saying so....

  3. Sounds like something Lee would say, "nice pants" (said very sarcastically). Thanks for clarifying, at first I was like "that must be Eric, but as I looked closer I could tell it wasn't:) Was wondering why your taking pictures of some strange guy's butt:)

  4. Nah, Eric doesn't Have a butt! Though he argues that he is getting one in his old age!


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