Thursday, September 06, 2007

September 6

Welp, here's one for the homeschoolers. Or for those that are keepin' track of the uglies. Whatever.

We have this scale that I purchased last winter, at the same time that I got alot of our really cool supplies. The triops, the microscope, field journals, tangrams, cuisenaire rods, etc. We've never used it! We were downstairs, I was cleaning, the babes were playin', and after much grumping and grumblin' and wiping off the tenth layer of Moonsand stuck to the bottom of my feet, and after Trev said "I know your brain is grumpy, Mom, and that messes make your brain crazy sometimes, and that you get frustrated that no one is helping you to clean up, but you did say that You would clean, and Maddie and I would just play while we were down here."
Oh yeah. "Yes, I did say that, Son. Thank you for reminding me."
I get it down, (and I am Loaded with agenda) and of course Little Son can smell agenda long before it starts to fester - he can smell the original spark, if the truth be known.)
Little Son sighs.
"Is this an experiment, Mom?"
"Well, sort of. It's a scale. We've never even used it, Son, bear with me."

We play for a minute, and while it's not completely torturous, he'd rather be playing hide-and-seek, hiding in his One And Only hiding place in the playroom, The Box.
Eventually I sigh, as I don't want to ruin his life, and we get on with the fun sorts of things.
Today we cut out spy holes in The Box. I wanted to cut a door for Maddie, as when it is upright, she can't get in, but Trev said "If we keep cutting holes in the box, pretty soon there won't be anything left!" Can't argue with that. So we didn't.

We used the table for a slide. We played an echolocation game, The Bat gets blindfolded, and the others squeak and squeal constantly until the bat finds them. We all took a turn, Maddie eventually cheated, of course, and pulled down the blindfold. She also was being a squeaker, while she hunted, so we will forgive her.Marble Run.
Trev jumped back in to The Box, and was in a space ship, and while he was exploring the Universe, Maddie and I dressed up. Trev joined us when he lit back on Earth.
I love my children.
I love my life.


  1. I'm gonna come live at your house.
    That ok?

  2. well hello there!
    I just stumbled across your blog by way of a comment you left on another blog, and I really must say BRAVO!
    I don't know you, but will begin to read about your life, which I already know that I am envious of!
    I'm a single mother of two amazing boys...I dreamed of unschooling before my life turned out the way it did. We three have a happy, trying hard, LOL life. Blogging for me is quite therapeutic these days, and reading about other mom's is a remedy unto itself.

    wow! this is longer than it needed to be, but regardless...CHEERS!

  3. Hello there Piper Ma'am.
    Thanks for leaving a nice comment!
    I am from those parts myself - your being from OKC will know where Moore is, where I grew up.
    Should you see my Daddy or brother, give them big kisses for me, won't you?
    And tell those thunderstorms to make their way around the world again in a hurry, and to come over to my house and say hello.
    I've visited your blog, and will make my visit known soon!
    Thanks again for visiting and commenting.

  4. I also have a scale, and tanagrams, and cuisenaire rods that go unused. My kids also have an 'agenda sensor' like your son. :) I've started just putting things out and leaving them least my kids will play with them--not as the directions say, but at least they are played with!

    Love the dress up! The Sassy Princess would love that boa!

  5. Mmm, around here we use the Cuisenaire's for icebergs and Star Wars ships, mostly.

  6. Hi, ran across you on your other blog (I also hail from the Unschooler's ring) and loved the pictures. Your son talking to you about picking up sounds like a discussion between my son and I, not to mention your daughter's interest resemble my girl's.

    Hmm, is it something in the unschooling life?

    who is off to create a new slide!

  7. Hi Kimba.
    Thanks for visiting!
    I would gladly visit your blog, but your profile is closed... if you'll leave your blog address, I'd love to read about your unschooling life!

  8. of course Stephanie, you may visit us here

  9. Wow, Steph what a day!

    I'm with Aubrey, I'm packing up my bunch and coming to play with you guys!



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