Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27

We're still here.
I've been on a recuperative sabbatical, of sorts. Had some sort of Mama-ain't-happy funk for a couple of days.

Today was full of different things.
Some new, some old.
Card games. Reading and spelling (strictly the children's idea, of course.)
Star Wars. (Movie 1 and re-enactment)
New books.

Trev read me a story. Never mind that the story didn't match the letters, it matched the pictures. And a very interesting tale it was!
Madeleine braved the skateboard. On the carpet.Should I pass up low-rise skater-pants jokes?

Mr. Potato Head.
Cleaning, jumping, playing in the sand, taking care of Harold (er... her name has been changed to Lucy since Trev is convinced that she's a girl - she likes the fancy shell.)
Mama's got the front half of the house clean, and some happy-family oils burning.
We're good.


  1. I love your pics, sorry you had a funk, it happens to many of us. It is so weird to see you post as Stephanie, LOL!

  2. "Star Wars: Underpants" I've seen that one!


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