Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18

We made a terrarium for bug friends today. We still haven't put in the triops, which is what it's for, but it needs to be a constant temp of 70-80 degrees for them, which isn't always so in this house.
As soon as we get a steady heater for Harold, we'll put them right next to him.
For now, it's holding bug friends.
Five spiders - four different kinds , around ten rolypolies, and about a dozen ants.

Then lots of evolutionary science videoes while Maddie napped. We had planned to go tripping to the store, but Trev's shoes were in the truck, which Daddy had at work.
Nova tonight was about a Mummy, and an ivestigation into if it were a lost Pharoah - they're pretty sure it was Ramses the First - and Trev watched for a while, but then had to take advantage of Daddy being ready to "jump".
Now is Wild Things, and that's about it for us tonight!

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